Energy Crisis


We spend too much time attempting to create more light amidst darkness.  Instead, we should work to dispel the darkness to give way to the abundant light that is already there.  


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I once encountered a confined disfigured shadow who sang “as free as a bird, as free as a bird, locked up in a cage and I’m as free as a bird!” I thought him to be both wise and foolish.  Wise because through confinement he came to realize the true essence of inner freedom- and foolish because of the unnecessary destruction that preceded his realization.  

Into Action


We live in age of emotionalism and empty ideas where the old concept of a deed too often gets pushed away in favor of abstract potentia or vague intentions.  Our minds have withered under the constant staple diet of ‘smarts’, taking for granted the nourishment of simple actions that improve and enhance the quality of life.  In short, quietly providing a meal to a hungry soul surpasses a lengthy spiel on causes  and effects of world hunger.



The succcess of any task does not necessarily depend on talents and abilities.  Even the least talented may rise above the naturally gifted through sheer and unrelenting perseverance.  Just as water slowly erodes a stone, a man’s persistent commitment to a given aim will enable him to soar above his challenges.  




And we clearly see how powerful quarreling and violence can be. Man was created to invade, engage, and seek continuously- not through bloodshed- but through love.

Classical Art

493E117E-344A-4A53-BD24-3CC4CF34100AThe best spoken word poem uttered:  “Let there be light.”

The Sprouting Seed


Two signs we are growing: 1) we desire to give more than receive and 2) our hearts become sincerely congruent with that desire.



The best time to love is in crisis. Crisis gives way to uncertainty and uncertainty strips us of our judgments and presuppositions. In crisis the veil of labels is lifted and we can finally see and love the person behind the mask.



The sun rises gradually every morning in order to protect the eyes. Too much light at once after obscurity can be harmful. Blessed is our Creator who gives enough light in perfect proportion to sustain us…



Do not be so quick to escape the unbearable.  Sometimes it is the very flames of hell that melts the chains which bind us.