And we clearly see how powerful quarreling and violence can be. Man was created to invade, engage, and seek continuously- not through bloodshed- but through love.

Classical Art

493E117E-344A-4A53-BD24-3CC4CF34100AThe best spoken word poem uttered:  “Let there be light.”

The Sprouting Seed


Two signs we are growing: 1) we desire to give more than receive and 2) our hearts become sincerely congruent with that desire.



The best time to love is in crisis. Crisis gives way to uncertainty and uncertainty strips us of our judgments and presuppositions. In crisis the veil of labels is lifted and we can finally see and love the person behind the mask.



The sun rises gradually every morning in order to protect the eyes. Too much light at once after obscurity can be harmful. Blessed is our Creator who gives enough light in perfect proportion to sustain us…



Do not be so quick to escape the unbearable.  Sometimes it is the very flames of hell that melts the chains which bind us.  



In the darkest periods of life we discover that pain serves a practical and crucial function. In the abyss of hopelessness the only voices heard and the only hands felt may well be of men and women who have experienced the similar torments of our affliction. These hands and voices- having emerged from the darkness- can be the same hands and voices that will one day guide us out of our own. It is through pain that we become free and it is through pain that we are able to help free others.




Difficult times are the catalyst for genuineness. It gives us clarity into what we really need: Each other.



Our greatest hope should not be in the acquisition of wealth and status.  Our greatest hope should be that right now will be the moment we decide to love one another altruistically and unconditionally.  There is no greater hope in life than love.  



Good men are controversial. Their lives are marked by constant contradiction with every moment characterized by relentless battle and total surrender. He is both weak and strong, hopeless and determined, at his very end and yet just beginning…