The Misfit

BDD23278-1594-453D-8922-224A7150DCA8There’s always one or two in the crowd.  The guy that gets his kicks from creating confusion through questioning every single word and intervention.  He breaks rules, deflects through nitpicking, intellectualizing, and theorizes his way through relapse prevention.  Often becoming the leader of a treatment crusade to overthrow staff, most would believe his case to be utterly hopeless.  But sometimes, things don’t play out this way.  When he has made a sincere decision to stop using, a significant impact is felt at once.  His liabilities of transparency, straightforwardness, and zero tolerance for “candy coating” the truth become his greatest assets.  In recovery the ‘misfit’ becomes a necessary and powerful force often being the most significant instrument of change for countless addicts.  

Never, ever, give up on those suffering from the disease of addiction.  





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