Addicts Are Dying


I have never met anyone possessing such immense spiritual prowess as the addict.  Succumbing to the agonizing realization that they are separate from their Creator, they use various destructive methods to escape their sense of alienation.  The high or the act provides a temporary relief from this state of spiritual disconnect.  For the addict who has long surpassed the stages of recreation and abuse, addiction is not the problem.  For the addict, the fix is the solution that enables them to forget this reality for a while.  What we perceive as abstinence is viewed by the addict as a grueling torturous reminder that his or her Source of life is missing.  So, asking the addict to stop using or engaging in their behavior is similar to asking them to stop breathing.  So how do we resolve this dilemma of reconciling a relief that destroys?  The most crucial step is developing an intrinsic, practical, and satisfying spiritual life based on a relationship with the Creator that sustains and fulfills the recovering person on a daily basis.  

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