Bringing Back the Dead in the 21st Century


Wholeness is not perfection.  Wholeness is the life that springs forth out of the acceptance of our strengths and weaknesses-our talents and imperfections.  If we want to take a step towards peace, we mustn’t wait until our flaws have been shed and our characters are refined.  Instead, let’s make use of both our assets and liabilities to influence and heal those around us.  It is a proven fact- your liabilities have the potential to touch life at its most profound level.  I have found in times of crisis, when the life sitting across from me was slipping away into the depths of despair, it was not my intellect, rather the common thread of experiencing life’s struggle and challenges that paved the way to providing hope.  Every person, no matter how broken, is a potential catalyst for change.  Let no time be wasted on getting rid of personal defects before you decide to help someone.  Often the burdens we so wish to be rid of are our most sacred treasures- the instruments by which souls are newly awakened.



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