E6C03FF1-565A-412E-8B80-7F89AE282F5BFear is the symptom we experience when we have deviated from G_d’s plan.  Every challenge we face is perfectly orchestrated. We are also inherently wired to overcome our challenges either through toiling or surrender.  Our hopes to conquer fear should not rest on illusory methods to temporarily relieve worry posed by men.  Rather, our eyes should be set on the Designer of life Who has meticulously etched out every second of our lives to fulfill an individualized objective.  A man who can say “G_d is in control” in the midst of his problems is likened to one who has conquered the world.  

Living Victoriously


The spiritual life is not a theory.  In this realm the win always goes to the man who places unconditional trust in his Creator.  Whether he is prospering or penniless, his soul rests confidently on the reality that G_d is always in control. 



In the darkest periods of life we discover that pain serves a practical and crucial function. In the abyss of hopelessness the only voices heard and the only hands felt may well be of men and women who have experienced the similar torments of our affliction. These hands and voices- having emerged from the darkness- can be the same hands and voices that will one day guide us out of our own. It is through pain that we become free and it is through pain that we are able to help free others.

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