So much time and energy is placed on building sophisticated and illustrious centers to keep addicts in treatment. Yet, rare are the minutes dedicated on building sophisticated and effective plans to keep them clean and sober.  Certainly the relapse rate would dramatically drop if we took the time to create practical ways for people with addictions to live on a spiritual basis.  One thing will always stand the test of time- a grateful person in recovery in awe of his Higher Power will never relapse.  



The human definition of utopia is, if not frightening, quite boring. The truth is we have no idea what a perfect society would be like. What we do know is that a world with chaos and deprivation paves the way for humanity. And what is humanity? Humanity is the gift of weeping with your brother, stretching out your hand to the poor, the orphan, the widow, and the lost. These acts are what brings us closer to the Creator because these acts are a semblance of who He is. More often than not, this is what makes life worth living.


DDECC213-8B77-465B-A866-9E53D8687C83The key to maximizing happiness in a state of achievement is through maintaining a proper mind set. Our minds and hearts should always remember where our resources truly come from. When a man mistakes his achievements to solely come from his own efforts, he loses his sense of humility and drifts into discontentedness and selfishness. Everything we possess should bear the recognition that it was given to us through the mercy of our Creator. Our loved ones, our money, our health, our knowledge, and the little daily extras- in whichever measure- are all unmerited gifts from G_d.


3CAE7BC6-5EE9-4A25-8CCA-BD8F3B88D2F2Poetry lead me to believe that there was more to life than the material. Once, as I read a poem, I thought to myself “I once felt this way, in some way I said this poem… perhaps I had not said it but something deep inside me groaned it.” It was the first time I pondered the possibility of what lied underneath the thread of all things living. If words on a paper written by someone I never met before could communicate with the inner most parts of my soul, then surely a Power existed that created such methods to commune with His creation.


67DD43A7-EE4E-4736-9F45-73158E577D8E.jpegA man should desire a beard in the same manner a woman is inclined to diamonds. For just as a diamond, a beard endures the depths of toiling, the heat (of mockery), the pressure (to conform), and the ignorance by the masses of its eternal perseverance. The beard like the diamond is a testament of a gradual and grueling sacrifice reserved to a small fraction of men, always undoubtedly yielding a beautifully unique outcome.



The diversity of the L_rd is best demonstrated in the talents of His created beings. Through the generations we have had the opportunity to witness and enjoy a wide array of creativity on full display. But I am afraid the best choice of creativity has been concealed from humanity. It has become apparent through time that G_d decided to impute the greatest talents to those who would scarcely express them. There are moments though when this contained art is briefly revealed- sort of like getting a glimpse of an inner chamber that stores gold. This kind of beauty, this talent is manifested through the mundane. Sometimes it’s in a smile, sometimes in the way a rag is swayed as it wipes a glass. These are the best talents, concealed and yet fully exposing the art of being.


A4949A81-09BE-402E-9737-A1DA130050A9Stuffing away our problems can be likened to stuffing a corpse in the closet. You can hope that it will go away on its own. But even if we never open up the door to peer into that which we wish to forget, the stink will fester into an intolerable aroma, deeply disturbing us and those we love as time goes on- leaving us with no choice but to face and pick up the scattered bones. There seems to be no other way around it. One can only hope that the pungency of our “hidden” troubles does not overpower the love in the people we cherish the most. Regardless, every man must rest assure that whether he confronts his problem with a multitude or in solitude, his success depends on his reliance of the Divine Light within.

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