Energy Crisis


We spend too much time attempting to create more light amidst darkness.  Instead, we should work to dispel the darkness to give way to the abundant light that is already there.  



The best medicine for grumbling is gratitude. It’s free and it never ends, yet sometimes it’s hard to find. Visit your nearest prison, orphanage, hospital, or graveyard. There’s so much to be grateful for.


DDECC213-8B77-465B-A866-9E53D8687C83The key to maximizing happiness in a state of achievement is through maintaining a proper mind set. Our minds and hearts should always remember where our resources truly come from. When a man mistakes his achievements to solely come from his own efforts, he loses his sense of humility and drifts into discontentedness and selfishness. Everything we possess should bear the recognition that it was given to us through the mercy of our Creator. Our loved ones, our money, our health, our knowledge, and the little daily extras- in whichever measure- are all unmerited gifts from G_d.