The Sprouting Seed


Two signs we are growing: 1) we desire to give more than receive and 2) our hearts become sincerely congruent with that desire.



Our greatest hope should not be in the acquisition of wealth and status.  Our greatest hope should be that right now will be the moment we decide to love one another altruistically and unconditionally.  There is no greater hope in life than love.  



The reality of heroism is an unpalatable truth. The stories we’ve heard of the triumphant, smiling rescuer who stands unblemished on top of a mountain at the end of a smooth day of saving lives, are obviously fabricated fables. Instead, the truth of heroism carries with it a heavy burden; a man must himself be as, if not more afflicted, more bloodied than the lives he seeks out to save. Authentic heroes are rare in this era. They suffer greatly, more often times from failure than the physical wounds acquired from attempting to change the world. Find an average man worn down in distress and I say you’re closer to real heroism than you ever would be amongst the most popular.



The human definition of utopia is, if not frightening, quite boring. The truth is we have no idea what a perfect society would be like. What we do know is that a world with chaos and deprivation paves the way for humanity. And what is humanity? Humanity is the gift of weeping with your brother, stretching out your hand to the poor, the orphan, the widow, and the lost. These acts are what brings us closer to the Creator because these acts are a semblance of who He is. More often than not, this is what makes life worth living.