2E317ECA-3656-4627-BDE5-4E22711DC22DEveryday miracles happen.  However, they are often overlooked because we have been conditioned to seek them externally.  Man is visual but he is also spiritual.  His eyes should always be set not only on the seldom unexplainable occurrences that kindle his senses, but on the daily internal changes that take place in him and others.  More astounding than the display of any technological advancement is the sight of a once broken individual beyond any human aid, pick himself up, acquire a new mindset, and commence to soar above his troubles.

Living Victoriously


The spiritual life is not a theory.  In this realm the win always goes to the man who places unconditional trust in his Creator.  Whether he is prospering or penniless, his soul rests confidently on the reality that G_d is always in control. 

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