5 Minutes To Save A Life


I often emphasize the present moment as a way to get clients away from the worries of tomorrow and the misfortunes of yesterday.  However, sometimes there’s too much pain in the present to tell anyone to be mindful of the “now.”  Sometimes, there’s too much pain to paint anyone a pretty picture… it invalidates the experience and you render yourself useless no matter how good your intentions may be.  Any variation of getting people to look on the bright side of their circumstances can broaden the gap of what stands between their surrounding darkness and hope.  

A person who has lost the will to live cannot be coerced to reframe or alter the narrative of the crisis.  The crisis, be it the loss of freedom, a child, an illness, or abuse, is remedied through a rigorous validation and honesty.  Both the sufferer and helper must bring forth an honesty of the situation that conveys the present reality for what it is- painful and seemingly intolerable.  Yet, the future must always be accounted for with just as much honesty and responsibility as the present.  While the moment may prove harsh, the future provides an infinite amount of possibilities-hope reigns abundantly in the future-  hope of less pain and more peace, hope of reconciling the worst acts, the healing of deep wounds, the regaining of freedom, and the refining of one’s character made possible by difficult times.  



There is a stark difference between good and effective.  While good co-signs and placates, effectiveness always upholds the truth without compromise.  If I am called a good person because I tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear, I am ineffective.  A good doctor makes you comfortable.  An effective one gets the tumor out and that requires serious discomfort.  The world needs just as much as effective men as there are good ones.  We should always be mindful to never confuse one for the other.  


73D04FD1-FA9F-482F-B16E-6D86FF3BD6CFFinding motivation on the good days and attaining it on the bad ones are two different worlds.  Finding the spark through discouragement and downtrodden-ness is no easy matter, yet always yields the greatest reward.  Persistence that endures beyond the extinguishing of the flames is equivalent to laying down the ultimate sacrifice for the Creator.  

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