Words and Worlds


“She was 5’1, middle aged, Jewish, slender, soft voice, wise with a peaceful disposition.  A 10th  grade English teacher but on that day she revealed her true identity.  It was on that day that I laid my head over my arms to slump on the desk to escape the meaninglessness of English honors that she convinced me to write a poem.  Reluctantly, I wrote a few lines.  Glancing over the paper, her eyes widened with genuine astonishment as she whispered “this is really good, you must keep writing.”  It was this statement that kindled a fire within me to always believe that I could contribute, that I had a place in the world.  This 5’1 10th grade teacher, this real life super hero- with her words moved infinite worlds inside me.”


3CAE7BC6-5EE9-4A25-8CCA-BD8F3B88D2F2Poetry lead me to believe that there was more to life than the material. Once, as I read a poem, I thought to myself “I once felt this way, in some way I said this poem… perhaps I had not said it but something deep inside me groaned it.” It was the first time I pondered the possibility of what lied underneath the thread of all things living. If words on a paper written by someone I never met before could communicate with the inner most parts of my soul, then surely a Power existed that created such methods to commune with His creation.

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