Anxiety: Step Two


Nothing adds more to stress and anxiety than suppression and inauthenticity.  Roles are important as we need to adjust limits and traits accordingly to our surroundings.  But when we constantly keep the true self hidden, we deprive the soul of nourishment and freedom.  The soul finds peace and acceptance through remaining true to itself.  Concealing our beliefs, feelings, desires, thoughts, quirks, etc. is a falsehood leaving the soul to grumble in search of expression.  

Step Two:

Make a decision to gradually step away from any presumed role.  Meditate on the analogy of roles being likened to garments we switch on or off at anytime while the body (soul) being essential, takes precedence.  Eliminate any doubt, bureaucracy, and past messages of the person you should be.  Trust that being you is the way you were meant to be.  

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