7 Billion OD’d


Addiction pertains to all of us.  Though the problem may not be substances or compulsions, the condition of addiction is universal and we all experience it to some degree.  Every time we turn away from what is true, what is good, what is just, what is virtuous- we take another “hit” in favor of what seems gratifying.  While it may seem harmless-to look away or evade your responsibility-it erodes the soul and gradually removes us from our nature of loving, caring, feeling, uniting, connecting, etc.  Being unable to face the reality that we are living in contrary to our nature, we continue to turn away, drifting further into pleasures and distractions until anxiety, or depression, or crisis signals us to take action.  Recovery is a return to the fundamental aspects of being a person… it is the state of answering life’s questions with action of what is good for the world and what is my responsibility in this given moment.  Recovery limits or all together turns away from distractions and pleasures that get in the way of this responsibility.  

Falling In Place


Addiction is a condition that brings us closer to what it means to be human.  It is the dividing line that distinguishes between the mundane and Divine.  The battle for recovery enables us to put away superficial matters and cling to a higher state of consciousness.  It’s a discovery process in which you discard the meaningless things that hinder and you begin to find the essential characteristics that bring meaning and purpose into your life.  The reality that addiction can kill paves the way for an inner desire to experience what is profoundly authentic.  We found we could no longer spend time and energy on comparing, competing against, or criticizing people around us…addiction becomes our best teacher.  We needed to live and in striving to do so we learned how to let go and do the one thing that mattered most:  Love.”

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