Energy Crisis


We spend too much time attempting to create more light amidst darkness.  Instead, we should work to dispel the darkness to give way to the abundant light that is already there.  


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I once encountered a confined disfigured shadow who sang “as free as a bird, as free as a bird, locked up in a cage and I’m as free as a bird!” I thought him to be both wise and foolish.  Wise because through confinement he came to realize the true essence of inner freedom- and foolish because of the unnecessary destruction that preceded his realization.  



And we clearly see how powerful quarreling and violence can be. Man was created to invade, engage, and seek continuously- not through bloodshed- but through love.

Classical Art

493E117E-344A-4A53-BD24-3CC4CF34100AThe best spoken word poem uttered:  “Let there be light.”



Our greatest hope should not be in the acquisition of wealth and status.  Our greatest hope should be that right now will be the moment we decide to love one another altruistically and unconditionally.  There is no greater hope in life than love.  



Good men are controversial. Their lives are marked by constant contradiction with every moment characterized by relentless battle and total surrender. He is both weak and strong, hopeless and determined, at his very end and yet just beginning…




I’m convinced in the end we’ll find that helplessness was nothing more than a symptom of a spiritually invigorated life curtailed.




Hitting bottom has its delights. A movement in any direction may be considered nothing short of a miracle.



The reality of heroism is an unpalatable truth. The stories we’ve heard of the triumphant, smiling rescuer who stands unblemished on top of a mountain at the end of a smooth day of saving lives, are obviously fabricated fables. Instead, the truth of heroism carries with it a heavy burden; a man must himself be as, if not more afflicted, more bloodied than the lives he seeks out to save. Authentic heroes are rare in this era. They suffer greatly, more often times from failure than the physical wounds acquired from attempting to change the world. Find an average man worn down in distress and I say you’re closer to real heroism than you ever would be amongst the most popular.



Flying under the radar may help prevent much grief. However, avoidance is not the way of the righteous.  Rather, we should fly ‘above the radar’, directing our hearts and eyes to heaven in any given situation.  In this way, we are never crushed, only transcended by challenges.