Anxiety: Step Three


The greatest determinant in overcoming anxiety is not based on the type of pill we ingest, but on the type of perspective we choose to acquire and maintain throughout our lives. Change is occurring at every moment whether we desire it or not. It is as present and with us as air, and yet we often resist it. The degree of resistance to any circumstance equates the degree of anxiety experienced. Often, the onset of anxiety serves as a signal indicating that change is occurring.

Step Three:

Reframe your perspective on change and anxiety. Change is natural and necessary for all of creation-often occurring for the benefit of the individual and the greater good. Anxiety is the sign that this is happening to us. Embrace and enjoy the experience!


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Anxiety: Step Two


Nothing adds more to stress and anxiety than suppression and inauthenticity.  Roles are important as we need to adjust limits and traits accordingly to our surroundings.  But when we constantly keep the true self hidden, we deprive the soul of nourishment and freedom.  The soul finds peace and acceptance through remaining true to itself.  Concealing our beliefs, feelings, desires, thoughts, quirks, etc. is a falsehood leaving the soul to grumble in search of expression.  

Step Two:

Make a decision to gradually step away from any presumed role.  Meditate on the analogy of roles being likened to garments we switch on or off at anytime while the body (soul) being essential, takes precedence.  Eliminate any doubt, bureaucracy, and past messages of the person you should be.  Trust that being you is the way you were meant to be.  

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Anxiety: Step One


The first step in resolving any ailment is through reduction, never addition.  Adding medication to the root causes of anxiety is a temporary quick fix that leads to seeking more of the medicine to sedate the underlining issue.  Medicine can be beneficial in some cases but if you have not taken the step of removing falsehoods from your life, anxiety will always fester and find it’s abode within you.

Step 1: Stop people pleasing.

Learn to say no and set boundaries.  While this may initially create feelings of discomfort, over time it produces a sense of fulfillment and honor for one’s self and outweighs the inner turmoil of saying yes when we really want to say no.


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73D04FD1-FA9F-482F-B16E-6D86FF3BD6CFFinding motivation on the good days and attaining it on the bad ones are two different worlds.  Finding the spark through discouragement and downtrodden-ness is no easy matter, yet always yields the greatest reward.  Persistence that endures beyond the extinguishing of the flames is equivalent to laying down the ultimate sacrifice for the Creator.  



If you’re lucky you’ve hit bottom more than once.  On each occasion you’ve called out to something Greater than yourself.  Perhaps out of desperation, you eagerly pleaded to a G_d you didn’t believe in.  Each time you were rescued… and because of this an unquenchable love flourished for the One that saved you. And you became zealous- so zealous that today you bear no resemblance of the old self.  


14BCF27C-F361-4892-917B-D8786C52CEABTo think my eyes had almost closed to this world before I could get a glimpse of the goodness in everything.  We can not deny that difficulties exist- that the road is decorated with both beauty and tragedy, but there are glimpses that are so profound and elusive that brings me closer to the understanding of G_d’s oneness.  In retrospect, new perspectives, a deeper love for G_d and people, and a greater hunger for understanding always followed a struggle.  Perhaps these moments are ways of the Creator conveying:  “Do not worry, I am with you through everything.”  

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