4 Words


Shuffling papers, meeting with clients, crisis interventions, meetings, family contacts, documentation…Getting busy, staying busy, feeling productive.  And then a shadow emerges out of a corridor, a half-broken figure, contorted, confused and healing- to thank you but you can’t remember for what… a smile and then you remember you only placed your hand on his shoulder and uttered four words.  The smile is reciprocated and you realize that this whole time you’ve been busy with nothing and the most productive thing you’ll ever do is tell someone “I’m here for you.”  

Living Victoriously


The spiritual life is not a theory.  In this realm the win always goes to the man who places unconditional trust in his Creator.  Whether he is prospering or penniless, his soul rests confidently on the reality that G_d is always in control. 



Productivity doesn’t always equal dollars and cents. If a man places all his energy on acquiring wealth, it is similar to making digestion a focal point of one’s life. A basic drive should never be an aim in life. Rather, equilibrium should be a byproduct of the process by which we strive for higher needs. In other words, wealth is a great thing when it is obtained as a result of sacrifice and love- not when the latter is sacrificed at the expense of obtaining the former.

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